Dog Friendly Accommodation

Boronia Farm has been receiving a number of enquiries from people wanting to visit with their dogs.

Your Dog Is Welcome, with conditions….

After speaking to a number of other operators about their experience of accepting dogs we have decided to give it a go with a number of conditions. We understand that most people who travel with their dogs do so because they are a part of the family and we aim to provide a great holiday experience for all of the family.

To ensure you, your dog and future guests have a great stay at Boronia Farm, the following conditions apply:

  • If your small dog is well behaved it is welcome to sleep in the cottage, but please don’t let it sit on the beds, furniture or floor mats.
  • The dog must be under your control at all times, this means not leaving it to run around on their own. There is a fence around the cottage that will contain most dogs.
  • We will provide a water and feeding bowl. There is plenty of fresh water available
  • We will allow a maximum of 2 dogs to visit at any time.

A charge of $20.00 per night applies to your dog. If you book online, please advise us of your dogs in the comments section, as there is no provision to book dogs.

Please note: the forests surrounding Boronia Farm are regularly baited for foxes by the Department of Parks and Wildlife, so if you walk your dog in these areas we recommend that you keep it on a leash.

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We have our own Farm Dog, Patch, who is a sterilised female, she is often free to run around. We will need to introduce your dog to Patch to make sure that there is no personality clashes!