Boronia Farm
Organic and
Regenative Farming.

Welcome to
Boronia Farm

Nestled within the state forest only twelve kilometres from Donnybrook, in the upper reaches of the Capel River Valley, you will find Boronia Farm, a place of tranquillity and peace.

Listen to the red-tailed cockatoos as they fly overhead and marvel at the dainty blue wrens as they dance around your feet. Wonder at the frog chorus at dusk and the birdsong at dawn.

Smell and view the scented Boronia growing, in season, in it’s natural surroundings. In spring, wander through the forest and see our amazing variety of wildflowers.

Organic and Regenerative Farming

Farming with nature

The Farm

Originally cleared for timber in the early 1900’s but now certified organic since 1999.

The Apples

Around 1935, when the house at Boronia Farm was being built an apple seedling grew up beside the house and after several setbacks eventually fruited. 


Grass Roots